The future is here and most people turn to the internet for products, services, reviews, and to make connections – social networking.
Online is a great resource to accomplish multiple tasks, help with decision making, build relationships, and is ideal for time management. Internet is overall a plethora of information and information found can both positively and negatively impact any business including law firms, carpet cleaners, and restaurants. Here are some simple tips on becoming a social networking success chat with a stranger.

Be social: Social Networking is all about building relationships and the best way to do this is be interactive with your fans, followers, and family. You want your contacts to feel that you are there listening to them, you respond to their questions, concerns, or provide advice when they are seeking it. Think about the last time you were in a store and asked a store associate where something was located and they looked at you blank faced and said “I don’t know”. The person made no attempt to help you and as a result you became frustrated. You felt as if you were not important and possibly caused you to leave the store empty handed. Now consider your experience with a store associate who says “I don’t know, but let me find someone who does”. This person gave you acknowledgement and showed he or she cared about you as a person. In person social skills and online social networking skills are the same so communicate.

Talk about others: Our purpose for social networking is to build ourselves up, but too much boasting can be a turn off. Open up to highlighting others in your field and talk about other people’s products or services. The information you provide can be used as awareness, reflects your own knowledge, and creates a more subtle interest for others to want to know you and listen to what you have to say.

Be consistent: The information age is about up-to-date information. People want facts, figures, gossip now. They do not want to wait until they read about it in a magazine. The best way to deliver information is daily, hourly, or even by minutes. Let’s take Kim Kardashian for a moment. This is a very bright woman who is famous for being famous. Think back about how often you her about her on the news, on the radio, and the internet, in magazines, she is everywhere. Kim Kardashian has over 11,372,294 followers on Twitter and she tweets between on an average between 1to 10 tweets per day. It is all about consistent exposure.

The bottom line to being a social network success is consistent socializing and talking more than just about yourself and what you are offering.