Best Minecraft Server Hosting 2017

Minecraft Server Hosting 2017A server is where you go to play in the mass multiplayer games online. Each one is a specific world you connect to when you load up the game and it’s the space you’ll be playing the game in. Within each server there are different players, some have thousands while others have a smaller closer knit community, it just depends on your preference.

Each server is run by different individuals and has various rules you’ll have to abide by. Admins are appointed to help everything run smoothly and enforce the rules, before joining any server you should become acquainted with the codes they have.

Minecraft is now an incredibly popular game that you can play on your own or together through multiplayer. There a number of different variations and ways to play and you’ll need to use a server to play online and get the most from the game.

Does the Server Matter? 

In short, yes. Certain games can really change dramatically based on just a few rules. There is a lot of potential and unlimited possibilities in today’s gaming so finding the right server means finding the game you’re truly looking for. If you don’t take the time to explore the options you could be stuck in a boring gaming environment which isn’t what you’re after.

What to look for in a Minecraft Server

When selecting your Minecraft server you’ll see there are literally thousands to choose from. In order to narrow down the choices we’ve determined what our most important factors are:

Size: This is the easiest to identify and perhaps the most telling. You’ve got massive servers with tens of thousands of people playing at once, and some with just a few hundred. Realistically for multiplayer you want to have at least 100 in the server, otherwise you may as well stick to single player.

Rules: Different servers have different rules. In the information the server should detail which type of games it hosts and which tags apply to it. This way you’ll be able to find the variation you’re after and not end up in the wrong type of game.

Specs: You want a server to be fast and efficient. Any lag will make your gaming experience a lot worse so be sure to check out all their technical information. Also make sure you look to see what % of time that the server is actually online. If it doesn’t operate over 80% of the time then you might not be able to play when you want to, which is really annoying.

Choosing the best Minecraft Server

Minecraft is an incredible game and when played with the right people in the right environment it’s just unbeatable. For more information and a guide to the best Minecraft servers check the link below.

Best Minecraft Server Hosting 2017